Workshop Reports

Date Record pdf Files
2021.02.25 Workshop Summery Report - Leveraging NDCs in the COVID-19 Recovery in South Asian Countries pdf-download
2020.11.25 Workshop Report on Sustainable Public Procurement pdf-download
2019.09.20 Inception Workshop on Healthy Landscapes Managing agricultural landscapes.. in Sr Lanka Workbook pdf-download
2019.09.20 Inception Workshop on Healthy Landscapes Managing agricultural landscapes.. in Sri Lanka pdf-download
2019.04.01 Regional Stakeholder Meeting on Sustainable Nutrient Management Workshop Report pdf-download
2019.03.25-26 Report of the First Sub Regional workshop on Preparation of Status Report & Roadmap for Implementing Global Waste Mgt Goals addressing SDGs pdf-download
2018.09.17-18 Report South Asia Training and Policy Dialogue on SPP Final pdf-download
2018.06 Regional Martine Litter Report Summary Launched during WED 2018 pdf-download
2018.04.05-06 Report of Regional Workshop to strengthen capacity of Marine Litter Mgt in SA.pdf pdf-download
2015.11.27 Workshop on sound management of PBDEs and phasing-out opportunities in Sri Lanka pdf-download
2016.11.24 Report of Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Tourism in South Asia Maldives pdf-download
2016.11.07-18 Report of SACEP UN Winter School on SCP in South Asia pdf-download
2016.10.20-22 Report of the First Meeting of South Asia Forum on SCP pdf-download
2015.02.27-28 Report of the 10YFP Training on ‘ Building knowledge of NFP on SCP’ pdf-download
2015.02.27-28 Report of Preparatory Meeting on Establishment of SA Forum on Sustainable Consumption and Production pdf-download
2015.02.26-28 SCP and 10YFP Full Report pdf-download
2014.09.09-10 SA Regional Workshop on lessons learnt in Strategy Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation in Water Sector pdf-download
2014.09.09-10 Proceeding Report of SA Regional Workshop on lessons learnt in Strategy Implementation on CCA in Water Sector pdf-download
2014.07.10-12 Report of Development of Regioanl Marine & Coastal Bio-diversity Strategy for SA pdf-download
2014.05.21-22 Sub Regional Workshop to Validate the Scoping Study of Nutrient Pollution on CMS in SA pdf-download
2013.03.22 Geocycle International Conference on Waste Management pdf-download
2012.10.30 SWITCH Asia Training of Trainers pdf-download
2012.07.16 South Asia BIP Capacity Building Workshop Report pdf-download
2012.02.09-10 Workshop Report – Inception and Training Workshop on Establishment of Environmental DIMS for SA pdf-download
2011.12.12-16 Workshop Report – Capacity building for the CHM of CBD in South Asia pdf-download
2011.10.05-19 International Training Course Report on Mangrove Biodiversity & Eco-systems pdf-download
2011.08.26-28 Sub‐Regional EST Training Workshop‐cum Policy Dialogue in SA pdf-download
2010.05.17-19 The First Meeting of the South Asia Experts Group on Illegal Wildlife Trade – report1 pdf-download
2010.04 30th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtles – Brochure pdf-download
2010.03.22 Regional Workshop for SACEP Cleaning Up Transport pdf-download
2010.03 Blue Flag Report – South Asia pdf-download
2009.09 Report – Marine Resources Sampling and Data Collection and Interpretation for South Asian Seas pdf-download
2009.09 International Coastal Cleanup Day – India pdf-download
2009.05.21 National Symposium on Invasive Alien Species pdf-download
2008.12.16 Report of 3rd SACRTF Meeting pdf-download
2008.11.27-30 Training for Trusteeship – Peace, Environment & Human Future pdf-download
2008.11 Workshop Report – MCPA Managers Exchange Programme pdf-download
2008.08 South Asia Coral Reef Task Force (SACRTF) Second Meeting pdf-download
2008.04 Report – National Training Prog for Capacity Building of Convention on BD and Bio-safety Protocol thro CHM pdf-download
2008.03 Climate Change and It’s Impact on Flora in the South Asia Region pdf-download
2008.01.31 Report of the First Regional Workshop on the SAWTI pdf-download
2007.12.21 First SACRTF Meeting Report pdf-download
2007.10.30 SLED_Development_Workshop_3_-_Doing_-_Report_Issue_CORALI pdf-download
2007.09.20 International Workshop on Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve pdf-download
2007.07.25-27 2nd Regional Coordination workshop South Asia MCPA Project and SACRTF-Colombo pdf-download
2007.07.16 Soba Sankalpana & Report of the Panel Discussion on Adaptation Strategies to Sea Level Rise in SA pdf-download
2007.06.03 10SLED_Development_Workshop_2_-_Direction_-_Report_Issue_CORALI pdf-download
2007.03 Report of the Capacity Building Training Programme on CHM RBINS pdf-download
2007.02.27-28 3R Workshop Bangladesh pdf-download
2007.01 CORALI Workshop Report pdf-download
2006.11 CoP8 16eReport BCRC to be Established in SACEP pdf-download
2006.09 Workshop Report of Regional Resources Coordination and Mobilization workshop pdf-download
2006.09 Long Term Management & Conservationof Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in South Asia pdf-download
2006.09 Leaflet – Coastal Clean Up Day pdf-download
2005.10 Workshop Report – South Asia Workshop for MEA Negotiators pdf-download
2004.06 Brainstorming Workshop on Development of Regional Partnership for Integrated Capacity Building for MEAs in SA pdf-download
2003.04 Report of the Workshop on ICARM in SAS Region pdf-download
2003.04 Report of the SA Regional Consultation Workshop for the Protection of the Marine Env from LB Activities pdf-download
2003.06.28 Workshop Report of GIWA Sub Region 53 Bay of Bengol Assessment Programme pdf-download
2002.05 Risk Assessment & Risk Management in Implementing the Cartagena Protocol Proceedings of Asia Regional Workshop pdf-download
2000.08 Report of the UNFCCC Workshop Kyoto Protocol pdf-download
1999.04 Report of the National Workshop on Environmental Law and Management pdf-download
1998.09.21 INECE newslt2 Records of ASPA INECE Workshop pdf-download
1998.10 EMS Pakistan Conclusion and Recommendations pdf-download
1998.10.08 Final Report of SACEP & Royal Norwegian Embassy & Norad pdf-download
1998.09.02 Assessment Report Male Workshop pdf-download
1997.10.20 Report of the Workshop on Implementation of the GPA for the Protection of the Marine Environment from LB Activities in the SAS Region pdf-download
1997.07 Report of the Reg Symposium on Role of Judiciary in Promoting the Rule of Law in the Area of SD pdf-download
1997.04.01-06 Report of the Regional Workshop on Strengthening Legal and Institutional Arrangements for Implementing Major Env Conventions in SA pdf-download
1994.05.17 ESCAP-UNEP-SACEP IG Meeting on Capacity Building in Coastal Env Mgt in SAS Region pdf-download
1993.12.20 Report of the ESCAP,UNEP,SACEP Workshop on Management Strategies for the Protection of…….in SAS Region pdf-download
1992.02.21 Report of the Regional Workshop on Reduction of Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise pdf-download
1991.06.10 Report of the SACEP, ESCAP, CEA Workshop on Coastal Resources Management Planning in the SACEP Region pdf-download
1988 Activity Report on Day of Trees – Pakistan pdf-download
1987.06 Final Report – Senior Level Expert Workshop to Evaluate Benefits & Constraints of EIA Process in SACEP Countries pdf-download
1987.01.15 Report of the SACEP Environmental Legislation Workshop pdf-download
1986.11.5 Report of the Workshop on Integrated Mosquito Control pdf-download