General Publications

Date Record pdf Files
2017.05 SACEP Leaflet pdf-download
2017.05 SASP Leaflet pdf-download
2017 SASP of UNEP Regional Seas pdf-download
2015.02 Fast Facts of SACEP pdf-download
2011.08 IPLA Brochure pdf-download
2010.09.25 25 Anniversary of International Coastal Cleanup Day – Sri Lanka pdf-download
2009.09 International Coastal Cleanup Day – India pdf-download
2009.05.21 National Symposium on Invasive Alien Species pdf-download
2009 SAS Summary pdf-download
2008.09 International Coastal Cleanup Day – Chennai – Press brief pdf-download
2008.11.25 IYOR Special Commemorative Cover pdf-download
2008.05 Poster CHM pdf-download
2008 International Year of Reef (IYOR) Leaflet pdf-download
2007.01 SACEP Silver Jubilee Souvenir pdf-download
2006.09.18 Coastal Cleanup Day – India – issue 13 pdf-download
2006.09 Leaflet – Coastal Clean Up Day pdf-download
2006.08.18 10th South Asian Games Colombo pdf-download
2006.08 10th South Asian Games Waste Management Leaflet pdf-download
2003 SACEP Leaflet pdf-download
2000 SACEP At a Glance pdf-download
1993.08 SACEP Overview pdf-download
Date Record pptx / pdf Files
2016 SCP Focal Points in South Asia .pptx pdf-download
2016 SCP Focal Points in South Asia .pdf pdf-download