Climate Change

Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most important environmental, social and economic issues facing the world today. In the Asia and the pacific region and particularly in the South Asia Sub-region, there is evidence of prominent increases in the intensity and/or frequency of many extreme events. Despite growing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some impacts such as higher temperatures, more intense floods, droughts, wildfires, and rising sea levels are now inevitable. It must be planned for and adapt to these changes, to minimize the negative impacts and enhance the benefits to natural systems, societies, and human activities and well-being. This challenges decision making at all levels, from individuals to governments, as well as in business and industry.

The 9th meeting of Governing Council (GC) of SACEP held in August 2005 at Thimphu, Bhutan identified the “adaptation to climate change” as one of the key areas concerned in the region and since then, it has been in the SACEP’s work programme as a priority area.

Adaptation refers to adjustments in ecological, social, or economic systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli and their effects or impacts. It refers to changes in processes, practices, and structures to moderate potential damages or to benefit from opportunities associated with climate change.


2014 International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Global Water Partnership-South Asia (GWP-SAS)

Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change

South Asia Regional Workshop on Lessons Learnt in Strategy Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Water Sector was organized from 9 to 10 September 2014 in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Global Water Partnership-South Asia. The workshop gathered policy makers, researchers and practitioners of seven countries of the South Asian region together and provided a platform to share and to learn from each other on Strategy Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation in Water Sector. Approximately 30 participants representing Ministries of Environment, Water Resources and Climate Change of SACEP member countries and GWPO, GWP SAS, CEA, UNDP, IWMI and Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP) attended the workshop.

2008 National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow, India

Climate Change and it’s Impact on the Flora of the South Asia

9GC-SACEP held in August 2005 identified adaptation to climate change as one of the key areas concerned in the South Asian Region.
SACEP entered into a collaboration with NBRI, a Centre of Excellence for the South Asian region to develop a programme on Adaptation issues related to Climate change and a regional workshop on ‘Climate change and its impact on flora of the South Asia region’ was conducted from 9 to 12 March 2008. The workshop was funded by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Science and Technolgy, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India and SACEP. There were 53 participants. A proposal on adaptation to climate change developed by SACEP and NBRI was discussed and finalized during the workshop.

2007 Centre for Environment Education (CEE), India Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka South Asia Youth Network

School Environment Awareness Programme

SACEP conducted a School Environment Awareness Programme in collaboration with CEE, India, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Sri Lanka and the South Asia Youth Network. A series of School Competitions (Essay, Drawing and Painting, Posters and Photography) from January to July 2007 for different age categories were held. The main theme of these competitions was Adaptation to Climate Change and Waste Management.

Award ceremony was held on 16 July, 2007 and a Panel discussion on ‘Adaptation Strategies to Sea Level Rise in South Asia’ and a Video presentation on Sea Level Rise was screened to show the global picture followed by the awards ceremony.

Oct 2006 - 2007 Centre for Environment Education (CEE), India

Scoping Exercise on Adaptation to Climate Change

A MoU with CEE-India (Ahmedabad) was signed in October 2006. Under this CEE-SACEP initiative ‘A Scoping Exercise on Adaptation to Climate Change’ was conducted on 10 January 2007 in which government representatives and experts participated to consider a regional status of the priorities on adaptation to Climate Change under a consultative process.The report was finalized and submitted to the 10GC-SACEP.

2000.08 - Report of the National Workshop on the UNFCCC and the institutional design of the cooperative implementation Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol

1992.02.21 – Report of the Regional Workshop on Reduction of Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise