SACEP Bilateral Meeting with the World Bank at UNFCCC, COP 28, Dubai, UAE

On December 7, 2023, against the backdrop of COP28, a pivotal bilateral meeting unfolded, bringing together representatives from SACEP and the World Bank. The central focus of this dialogue was the discussion surrounding SACEP's ongoing project, "Plastic Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia" (PLEASE).

This meeting served as an opportune moment for both parties to exchange insights, share progress updates, and collectively shape the trajectory of actions under the PLEASE project.

Present at the meeting was (left to right) Ms. Dina Umali-Deininger, Regioanl Director, South Asia Sustainable Development, The World Bank; Ms. Priyankari Alexander (Programme Officer & Administrative Officer (In charge, SACEP); Christophe Crepin, Sector Leader, Social, Environmental and Rural Development unit, East Asia and Pacific region, The World Bank, East Asia and Pacific; Ms. Rokeya Khaton (Director General, SACEP); and Ms. Anjalie Devaraja, Project Director, PLEASE Project, SACEP.